I Identify As Mandalorian - Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

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Once upon a time in a galaxy that may or may not have been far away (depending on how copyright law would interpret that opening sentence), someone finally realized that the best part of Star Wars has nothing to do with Skywalkers or lightsabers.*

This t-shirt clearly identifies you as someone who knows how to take on an army of anonymous bad guys, provided said bad guys are mildly nearsighted and have no super-weapons on hand.

Comfortable cotton - because it does get a tad sweaty under that armor. Sizing below is unisex - because Mandalorians eschew cliches like bikini armor tops.

*Okay, technically the best part of Star Wars is the Empire Strikes Back. If you feel otherwise, that’s because you’re wrong and undeserving of the title of Mandalorian. But go ahead and buy the shirt anyway. It’s not like we’re going to come to your house and quiz you on your Star Wars cred. Unless we are. Ooooh … the mystery.